International TorTourist


Applying to Compete in the TorTour de Ruhr

Due to numerous requests, we offer the following information:

Again - it's not a public event, you will need an invitation run!

Of course, you can still express interest in

You need experience...

... Because a 230 km run is not a walk in the park!

Only someone who already has experience in ultra running, can exist here. This is not meant to exclude anyone, but health and safety are our primary concern. We have a responsibility to our runners and helpers and there really are people who have signed up for the 230km, that have only run a marathon!

In plain English, this means:

If you want to run the 100km,
you should have already run over 50km at a time.
If you want to run 100 miles (160,9km),
you need to have already run a 100km at a time.
The king discipline 230km,
is only for experienced runners who have either multi-day or 24-hour races under their belt.

Runners who want to venture to the 230km route, should be able to run 150-160k within 24 hours from the start, be able to run through the night. You have to know the legs are essential - but even more so the head (!) - After 24h, after 30h, 36h it's all in your head. A fast marathon or 100km from Biel are no references. The TTdR230 takes 3x (!) As long as a hundred kilometers. We've got some experience over the last few years!

You need a crew...

I must insist on an escort. I'm concerned that 2 runners can do it together supervised by a crew, but then you have to stay together. No matter how: You need a crew. At best a well equipped cycling guide that serves you as a scout and mobile support vehicle. Or you bring a car supporter whom you can meet every 10-15k with supplies along the route and, if necessary, to bring you back to civilization.

While we try to set up 6-8 aid stations during the 230km, there are still some sections of 40-50k without aid stations. Even the organizers can't evacuate you because we only have a small team - consisting of family and friends - and the field at the end of the race can be spread out between 12-14h - ie 100km. When the first finisher to arrive in Duisburg on the Rhine Orange, the last person is still around Bochum. Especially at night, you need a mentally prepared crew (bike / car) that can care for you.

You need a mission ...

... and team Ronja (organization) and helpers are happy to make you legs fly.

(Many many thanks to Wolfepack for translation!!!)

So the rest, the rules, timetable ...

...everything is described. It is a german Info, but you are easily able to read it, cause numbers are numbers all over the world, and there are just quite a few rules! Otherwise ask Jens via EMaïl: